Fishermen record crocodile swimming near tourist beach

A video clasp of a crocodile swimming close to a well known ocean side close to Kijal has gotten out and about via web-based entertainment after the locating by a gathering of anglers early earlier today.

Wan Zuhairi Wan Nordin, 32 said he and a few different anglers were venturing out onto the ocean to get anchovies when they detected the reptile, Bernama detailed.

“We were don’t know what it was until the thing moved and we saw the water sprinkling hard. We found that it was a two-meter-long crocodile not far away from our boat.

“I was concerned in light of the fact that it was near the ocean side, around 100m as it were. I figured out how to record a video cut as verification so beachgoers would be more cautious,” said Zuhairi, an angler of 15 years.

He said the last time a crocodile was located close to the coastline of Kampung Tengah was 10 years prior.

“The ocean side is well known with people in general, particularly during the school occasions and ends of the week,” he said, adding that he trusted the specialists would make a move.

The eight-second video taken by Zuhairi became a web sensation via online entertainment and evoked different responses from netizens who communicated their anxiety about the security of guests and town occupants.

Terengganu natural life chief Loo Kean Seong said his area of expertise still couldn’t seem to get any data about the locating.

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