KL to get underground storage tunnel to prevent flash floods

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will work with the branch of water system and waste (DID) to fabricate a high-limit groundwater capacity passage to conquer the issue of glimmer floods in the country’s capital.

Government domains serve Shahidan Kassim expressed today at a media gathering on “Towards A Flash Flood-Free Kuala Lumpur” that this was one of the drawn out arrangements that would require three to five years to finish.

He said DBKL would do a possibility concentrate on the area and particular of the groundwater stockpiling burrow. The review is supposed to require three months.

“The capacity passage’s capacity is to hold floodwater prior to delivering it into the stream during low tide. Most significant urban areas around the world, remembering Tokyo and Itabashi for Japan, have fabricated it (the passage) under their streets.

“Nonetheless, what we have found is that our streets are limited. In this way, some have recommended that we fabricate it 120 feet beneath the waterway,” he said.

Shahidan said DBKL would select a specialist before long in regards to the matter in the wake of holding converses with the DID.

He additionally said that DBKL would construct flood dividers promptly in all areas where waterways were probably going to flood.

He made sense of that the primary driver of glimmer floods in the capital was the streams spilling over and accordingly, the seepage framework couldn’t channel the water into the waterways.

“We will likewise do work to desilt the supplies and streams to augment their utilization limit.

“For the time being, we have placed barricades in regions impacted by waterway floods. We have likewise positioned portable water siphons as an impermanent measure to defeat this issue,” he said.

Shahidan and Kuala Lumpur city chairman Mahadi Che Ngah as of late gone to the 27th International Conference on The Future of Asia in Tokyo, Japan, to take a gander at ways of beating floods and blaze floods.

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