Perak MB denies claim of rare earth mining in Gerik

Perak menteri besar Saarani Mohamad has denied claims that digging for the intriguing earth lanthanide has started at Gerik.

He said the satellite pictures distributed with a news report were of an old design during starter work to distinguish the presence of the interesting earth metal there.

“These are old pictures before I dominated. The previous menteri besar during the past government had declared the disclosure of the metal,” he said today, Bernama revealed.

He said removal work had begun a limited scale ashore having a place with the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation.

“At the point when I visited the area during the Mesra program in Gerik (in March last year), it was found that the land had been exhumed and was brimming with openings. We educated the specialists to stop function as no grant has been given at this point,” he told journalists in Ipoh today.

Saarani’s remarks were in light of a media report of satellite pictures purportedly showing that mining had started in Hulu Perak close to Gerik however endorsement presently can’t seem to be conceded.

Lanthanide is an uncommon earth component broadly utilized as a composite to grant strength and hardness to metals, and is likewise generally utilized for refining raw petroleum into oil based commodities. Lanthanide oxide can get about US$1,500 per ton on world metal trades.

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