The Top 8 Amazing Interior Design Trends for 2024: London & UK Edition

Which interior design fads will be most popular in 2024?

We examine the hottest styles now in style and how you may use them to revitalize your house.

A good inspection of our homes has been warranted for most of us after several months of lockdown and varied degrees of post-lockdown. It’s likely that you’ve wondered what the hottest trends in interior design will be in 2022 and have given comfort, convenience, adaptability, and storage a lot of thought.

And, if you’re anything like us, you realized that, perhaps, a little updating of your home’s interior design could make you feel better overall during these trying times. These are our top picks for 2022 interior design trends in order to help you make a decision that will either be simpler or more obvious if you’re wanting to redesign your home or your life.

1. Welcome to nature, farewell to industry!

In these unprecedented times, we all realised how important our mental wellbeing is and there is no better way to take care of it than making your home a place where you can rest and feel centred. Hence, the biggest interior design trend in the year 2022 is anything that will make us feel more connected with Mother Nature. Therefore, natural fabrics and materials are leading the way this year and of course plants are a more crucial part of our homes than ever. If you can’t get outside, bring outside in.

2. The year’s colors

The US business Pantone releases its color of the year in December, just like it does every year. This usually establishes the tone for the subsequent year’s color trends. Pantone selected PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating + PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray for this year.

In 2020, the paint producer Dulux chose the color Tranquil Dawn, which also alludes to a longing for serenity. Both hues are a wonderful complement to the central themes of mindfulness and nature. Even while Dulux specializes in wall paints, all surfaces may and should benefit from the color trends offered by both businesses. Consider flooring, kitchen cabinets, tables, couches, chairs, carpets, and other furnishings.

3. Marine and botanical themes

Everything biophilic is at its pinnacle right now. 2019 saw the beginning of the floral trend, which has persisted ever since. Once more, these motifs bring us closer to nature and foster a peaceful atmosphere in your house.

You can use floral and nautical-themed wallpapers, graphics, and fabrics as a focal point or a subtle accent on your walls, furniture, or accessories.

4. Nude textures

While some people love colors and patterns, others are the complete opposite. Textured nudes might be the way to go if you’re more of a monochromatic person. This year, a lot of interior design projects have incorporated textured wallpaper to create the impression of a cave-like space. Light greys, blush, powder pink, oatmeal, pastel earthy neutrals, and these colors all contribute to a tranquil atmosphere. Wools, mohair, bouclé, and sheepskin are the best materials to choose when choosing textiles.

5. Basic but not austere

An interior that is well-organized and ordered is becoming more and more common. We surmise that this is due to the widespread desire among individuals to live simpler lives. But this trend shouldn’t be confused with a minimalist lifestyle.Despite sharing a same history, these movements differ in a number of ways. Inside, a simple existence is equated with a peaceful space where we may unwind, practice meditation, and recuperate from our hectic daily lives. The primary goals are sustainability, reuse, and recycling while ensuring that neither the quantity nor the patterns in our area overwhelm us. In contrast, the minimalist style emphasizes having the bare minimum of objects necessary for daily life.

6. Curves and Arches

This year, the concept is making a significant resurgence in both architectural and interior design. Cities with curved walls, doors, and windows have a more organic flow and are less bulky. Curved furniture, a throwback to the 1960s and 1970s, is a must-have for interior spaces. To keep up with the current trends, chairs and sofas are also getting a fresh, contemporary design. Curves are perfect for interior spaces where we seek peace and tranquility since they are frequently associated with nature, softness, and movement.

7. Patterns and colors that are abstract

We also have something if you’re not a huge lover of muted colors and minimalism! Large prints featuring abstract hues and shapes are a great way to brighten up your interior decor this year and bring life to anyone who is in close proximity. This year, there will be a greater variety of patterns, sizes, and scales, making sure that the colors of those patterns are just as fascinating as their designs. Whether it is a more conventional pattern variation or a variation inspired by abstract art, there is no rule as to where those originated.

You can use your wall paint and color-blocked furniture to create a pattern, or you can make your patterns contrast with or match the wallpaper and upholstery on your furniture. The only limits are in your imagination and vision.

8. Ecological

Sustainability is becoming a way of life rather than just a trend as conscientious consumerism permeates every part of our existence. With more and more items being made with sustainability in mind, businesses have also had to adapt as more people realize how important a sustainable approach is for the health of our world. From more environmentally friendly paints to cleverer recycling and reuse to increased use of hemp and bamboo-based materials and products. That concludes our summary of the latest trends in interior design for the new year. We hope they may be helpful to you as you reconsider your house, particularly if you plan to spend a lot more time there than you did previously.


What is the biggest interior design trend in 2024?

‘Biophilic design will thrive for interior design trends in 2024. This trend centers around bringing the outdoors inside, creating spaces that foster a stronger connection with nature.

What is the UK interior design style?

The British approach to interior design is all about contrasts. We enjoy getting creative with a mix of traditional artisan features and innovative, contemporary materials while incorporating a love for both the old and the

What design style is in 2024?

As we head into 2024, Biophilic Design is set to become a key trend, turning our homes and offices into serene, nurturing sanctuaries. These spaces won’t just look stunning; they’ll resonate with our deep-rooted connection to nature, enhancing our well-being in every aspect.

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