UK TRAVEL GUIDE: Discover The Best Places

The Reasons We Adore the UK Unquestionably, the UK offers more travel options, culture, scenery, and history than one could ever hope for. Whatever your preferred mode of transportation, this region is ideal for discovering distinct cultures and histories due to its abundance of cities, vast rural areas, castles, and quaint little villages. The UK is also home to numerous coastal locations with mouthwatering seafood, waterfront restaurants, and beaches. In the UK, there is an abundance of sights and activities to discover, and each place you visit will offer a unique experience.

Top UK Travel Destinations

The external view of King’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The UK is full of places with personality, from lovely coastal towns to charming rural getaways. Among the best locations to travel to in the UK are:

The most visited destination in the United Kingdom and the first port of call for most tourists is London, England.

One of the most elegant and beautiful cities in the UK is Cambridge, England. Whether you explore Cambridge on foot or by punt, you won’t regret it.

Brighton, England – Renowned for its iconic pier, rock beach, and vibrant streets, Brighton is a highly recommended day trip destination from London.
The English Cotswolds — The Cotswolds are the ideal destination if you’re looking for a getaway in the country that feels like you’ve stepped into a storybook.
Margate, England; Kent You should add Margate, a place in the UK with lots of charming independent stores, eateries, and a pleasant sandy beach, to your trip itinerary.
Wales’s Snowdonia National Park The largest national park in Wales has breathtaking vistas of Ireland and some of the best hiking in the UK.


The UK is home to a number of the most distinctive cities in the world. Every one of the best cities in the UK has something unique to offer and a distinct personality.

You won’t run out of enjoyable things to do in London, England, the capital of the United Kingdom and a major global city, whether you want to go sightseeing, hit the bars, or attend a famous event.
Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is a historic and hilly city known for its gothic and neoclassical buildings, customs, and whisky.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is the birthplace of the Titanic and has a visitor center where you can find out more information on the sunken ocean ship.

Manchester, England: Known for its dynamic nightlife and two renowned football teams, Manchester is the third largest city in the United Kingdom. It is located in the northwest of the country.
Wales’ capital, Cardiff, is an excellent location for white water rafting and castle exploration.


You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re searching for a vacation that incorporates a wide variety of activities. The UK offers it everything, including world-class sports, mountains, dynamic metropolitan life, and beaches and cliffs along the coast.

Wimbledon: Known as the most famous tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is unquestionably one of the best athletic events you can attend. It’s a terrific place to go with friends and has exciting matches, strawberries & cream, and Pimms.

The UK’s most renowned horse racing event, Royal Ascot, is a fantastic excuse to dress up! Set your bets and you might emerge victorious.

View the stunning national parks. The abundance of natural beauty seen in the UK is one of its greatest features; many examples can be found at the various national parks.

Visit one of the many venerable castles. Exploring the history of the UK through castles and medieval architecture is highly recommended, since each has a distinct charm and tale to tell.

A day journey to a town by the sea Nothing compares to a quick getaway to the beach, especially in the summertime. There are many of quaint seaside villages in the UK that are perfect for a sun-filled, peaceful vacation.

Top Hotels

Upon arriving at your location, be it via automobile, train, or air, there’s nothing quite like checking into a tranquil and picturesque hotel. Some of the most distinctive hotels the nation has to offer are listed here.

Near Ripon Castle, Grantley Hall is a historic five-star hotel and spa that will make you feel like a king or queen as you enjoy a rural getaway in North Yorkshire and take in the stunning interior design.

Zetter Townhouse is a group of three visually stunning boutique hotels located in the center of London. Here, you can experience the opulence of a private home combined with amazing cocktails and creative touches.

Built in 1925, Portmeirion Village & Castell Deudraeth is a castle hotel in North Wales with just 11 rooms and suites that overlook an early Victorian walled garden, giving you the impression that you are living in a dream.

Fonab Castle Hotel: Why not reward yourself with a five-star castle and spa where you can unwind with a view after finishing your fabled road journey through the Scottish highlands?

Situated on the brink of one of the best surf places in Cornwall, the impressively designed Watergate Bay Hotel is an urban playground perfect for a beach adventure.
The Greatest Road Journeys

Getting into a car with your pals, turning on your favorite music, and munching on goodies is one of the best feels ever. particularly if you’re traveling to a fantastic location in the UK.

The UNESCO-designated Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is a must-visit location, distinguished by more than 40,000 black basalt columns that rise from the ocean.

Yorkshire is the most historically significant county in England and a fantastic place to take a road trip to learn about UK history and architecture.

Norfolk Coast: With 90 miles of shoreline, this beachy area has plenty to offer summertime escapes, from cliffs to beaches.

Peak District National Park: This national park, which is three hours’ drive from London, is the ideal destination for a road trip if you envision your ideal escape as a meandering road overlooking expansive green valleys.

500 North Coast, Scotland As descriptive as its name suggests, this picturesque 516-mile route circles Scotland’s north coast and starts and ends at Inverness Castle, an iconic location.


1. When was the British Guild of Tourist Guides founded, and where is its main office located?

In 1950, the British Guild of Tourist Guides was founded. Unit 5, Baden Place, Crosby Row, London SE1 1YW is where you can find our office.

2. What is the British Guild of Tourist Guides’ main objective?

Our mission is to make sure that our members are the “go to” guides for tourists visiting the UK, providing them with professional, entertaining tours in English and a variety of other languages by car, on foot, by public transportation, or by coach. We are the largest and most established national membership organization for Blue and Green Badge tourist guides in the United Kingdom. In addition, The Guild is a top supplier of guide training.

3. In the UK, how does one become a certified tour guide?

through completing a course approved by the Institute of Tourist Guiding and passing the necessary tests at the conclusion of the course in England and Northern Ireland. Depending on where the course is being offered, durations can range from one to two years. The ITG Blue Badge course has been approved by the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) as meeting the BSEN15565:2008 standard.

Both Wales and Scotland, which have established their own national training and certification programs, have been endorsed by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) and FEG, respectively, for the conformance of Blue Badge qualifications with the standard.

4. What are some of the professional development courses that guides usually enroll in to advance their knowledge and abilities after they are certified?

As a membership organization, we provide our members with a comprehensive annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) program that spans from one-hour walks or talks to five-week intensive art courses and residential conferences that enhance marketing and commercial skills. During the pandemic, we also created a subscription series of online lectures that we plan to expand on.

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