Northwestern Scholarships

In 2022–2023, the university gave undergraduate students awards totaling over $200 million; over half of these students were granted scholarships from Northwestern University. All of the following types of help are automatically given consideration to students who apply for them. Program and eligibility requirements are subject to change in response to modifications to federal, state, and university laws and regulations. The maximum amount of financial help awarded by the university is four years of enrollment for first-year students and three years of enrollment for transfer students. Regarding the four-year limit, see good academic progress for further details.

Summary of the Northwestern University Scholarship: After all other sources of funding have been exhausted, the NU Scholarship often completes an aid package by covering any gaps in need.

Qualifications: NU Appropriate Scholarship: Funding availability and institutional financial need as of the applicant’s application are the determining factors for awards. The recipients’ income backgrounds are diverse.

Northwestern University Endowment Scholarships:

These are grants made possible by friends and former students. If they also satisfy the additional selection requirements set by the donors, students who qualify for the NU Scholarship will also be given consideration for a number of endowed scholarships.

Award Range: From $250 to more than $40,000 per year.

The graph below shows the average Northwestern scholarships given to first-year students based on their family’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for Fall 2021 enrollment. Only Northwestern grant money is shown in the third column; state and federal grants (such as SEOG and Pell) are included in the fourth column; and our students’ private scholarships are included in the final column. Kindly be advised that these numbers are averages.

Scholarships Endowed by Northwestern University

Named endowed scholarships are available to students who meet the requirements for the need-based Northwestern Scholarship. The donors of these scholarships are those who have a strong commitment to the University and its goals. A portion of the donors are former NU students who received financial help. Establishing a direct relationship with the donor through an endowed scholarship can be beneficial, since most donors are open to meeting or communicating with the recipients of their gifts. Please be aware of this:

The total amount of financial help granted remains unchanged in the case of a named endowed scholarship.

Subject to financial limitations, the sum of any NU grant is replaced dollar for dollar with funds given out through endowed scholarships.

Students who fulfill the requirements particular to each fund are given scholarships.

Beyond what is needed for the standard financial aid application, no extra materials are needed. Students who apply for financial help are immediately considered for these monies. A student is chosen based on how well they meet the requirements of a donor.

Good University, Good Neighbor

In brief, students who graduate from high schools in Evanston and Chicago are eligible for this scholarship offered by Northwestern University.

Eligibility: The scholarship takes the place of the student’s expectation of summer earnings and work-study funds that are used to cover educational expenses. (Students who are still eligible under federal law may apply for work-study.) Visit Information on the Good Neighbor/Great University Scholarship to learn more about this scholarship.

Award range: From $1,000 to $5,500, awards are given to eligible students depending on their proven financial need at the university.

Scholarship for QuestBridge National College Match

Synopsis: QuestBridge is a non-profit organization that assists in connecting low-income students with stellar academic records with top institutions. Northwestern University is one of its partner colleges. Northwestern offers students matched through this program significant scholarship support. For additional information, please visit Northwestern’s QuestBridge page.

For additional details, such as deadlines, please get in touch with QuestBridge directly.

Chicago Star Scholarship Program

Synopsis: Northwestern created a need-based scholarship program in 2016–17 for students who transferred from City Colleges of Chicago after completing their studies there.

Admission: Students who have transferred to Northwestern to finish their first bachelor’s degree after completing some coursework at City Colleges of Chicago are eligible.

Award Range: In compliance with Northwestern’s need-based financial aid guidelines, the award amount is determined by a student’s proven need.

Renewal: There is a three-year maximum for the Star Scholarship. The recipient needs to continue making adequate academic progress.

Scholarship in Native American and Indigenous Studies

With great pleasure, Northwestern University is offering this scholarship to help undergraduate students studying Native Americans and Indigenous studies starting in the 2023–2024 academic year.

Eligibility: Students who exhibit a remarkable dedication to Native American and Indigenous issues, as evidenced by a proven understanding of Native American and Indigenous history or culture, as well as a commitment to improving Native American and Indigenous communities, cultures, and ways of life, will be given this scholarship.

Award Range: The money granted by this scholarship takes the place of money obtained via a Northwestern University scholarship. The recipient’s level of financial need will determine the award amount.

Renewal: You can apply for this scholarship for a maximum of four years. The recipient needs to continue making adequate academic progress.

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